Justin Bieber Should Be 'Arrested,' Says LA Politician; Singer Adopting 'Bad Boy' Image?

Justin Bieber's most recent run in with the law has a Los Angeles politician calling for his arrest, which is leading some to question if the 18-year-old Canadian crooner is shedding his squeaky clean image to become a bad boy.

Last Friday, Los Angeles Councilman Dennis Zine said he saw Bieber putting people's lives in danger after speeding on a freeway at an estimated 100 miles per hour.

"As I watched, I was anticipating a crash," Zine told ABC News. "It was chaos. Total willful disregard for people on the roadway."

Zine, a former police officer for 33 years, decided to call 911 after allegedly watching the pop star cut through traffic and switch lanes at such high speeds. Although Bieber was given a ticket for speeding at a rate of 65 mph, Zine said the young crooner should have been arrested.

"I would have arrested him for reckless driving," the police officer turned councilman said. "I would have impounded his car."

While Bieber was reportedly cooperative with authorities, he told them that his speeding was the result of being chased by paparazzi who were attempting to capture him in a photograph. The 18-year-old star has gotten in trouble because of celebrity photographers in the past, and is currently being investigated for allegedly assaulting one member of the paparazzi who was trying to take his picture last month.

According to a police report released by Perez Hilton, the photographer told the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that Bieber assaulted him in the presence of his actress girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The member of the paparazzi reportedly suffered from chest pains from Bieber's alleged attack and filed a criminal report alleging misdemeanor battery.

While fans of Bieber first witnessed his success three years ago, some are questioning if he is taking a new direction with a new bad boy image.

"Justin Bieber is trying hard to get/keep a bad boy image," one person tweeted. "First ticketed for speeding. What's next running stop signs?"

Another questioned if the world would witness more naughty behavior from the singer.

"Bad boy future for Biebs," the person questioned on Twitter.

While many are questioning the future of Bieber, the Canadian crooner admitted that transitioning into adulthood has not been easy.

"I'm still growing up, I'm still learning about different things, girls, my music," Bieber told the "Today" show's Matt Lauer last month. "I'm not all the way there. I'm at a stage where I'm growing and my fans are growing with me."