Justin Bieber Should Clean Up Graffiti, Australian Mayor Says

Justin Bieber needs to clean up his graffiti, an Australian mayor has said.

Bieber, the 19-year-old Canadian crooner, decided to spray paint the QT Hotel wall at Surfers Paradise near Brisbane, Australia during a recent visit there. While the hotel owners insist that they gave Bieber permission to do so on their private property, the City of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is not happy about the artwork.

"The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking it's a cool thing to do," Tate told Australia's 7News Thursday.

The mayor took things a step further and decided to tweet the pop star directly.

"@justinbieber Glad you had a great time on Australia's #goldcoast," Tate tweeted. "Hope to see you back soon to clean up your mess. Make me a #belieber."

Earlier this month, Bieber took his spray painting skills to South America at the National Hotel in Sao Conrado, Brazil and in Bogota, Colombia.

Bieber spray painted a black monkey in Brazil with rings in his ears, nose, lip and a necklace.

"This is my escape," he captioned the photograph featured on his Instagram page.

Bieber was reportedly charged with a misdemeanor crime after illegally spray painting a wall in Rio De Ginero, Brazil, which he claimed he had no idea was not permitted in the area. During the South America part of his "Believe" Bieber also spray painted an arrow on a street wall in Columbia with the words "Free Breezy" written on the inside.

Last September, Bieber let it be known that he and Brown collaborated on the former's skateboard ramp called a "half pipe." Brown is a graffiti artist as well as a singer, and spray painted some characters on Bieber's half pipe, which the latter showcased on Instagram.

"Breezy spray painted my half pipe," Bieber captioned the Instagram photograph. "He's super dope."