Justin Bieber Tattoos Selena Gomez on Wrist? Fans React

Justin Bieber may have gotten a tattoo bearing the likeness of his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Bieber, the 19-year-old Canadian crooner, recently made headlines when he appeared with a new tattoo of dark haired angelic woman that was tattooed on his left wrist. Media outlets like Perez Hilton, MTV and AOL noted that the tattoo looked like 20-year-old Gomez when she posed on the cover of Elle magazine in 2012.

Although the two split late in 2012, rumors of a reconciliation were fueled when the pair appeared in Norway at the same time during Bieber's recent "Believe" tour stop. Bieber, the Canadian singer who is currently touring around the world, seemed to spark speculation about a possible reunion with Gomez when he tweeted he was "smiling" following his performance and posted an image of the pair in an Instagram photograph.

Although he has yet to speak about Gomez being the inspiration for his new tattoo, the 19-year-old reportedly has 14 body inkings all together. Earlier this year, Bieber told talk show host about his interest in body art.

"I like classic, classic tattoos," Bieber said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year.

Fans of the Canadian crooner took to Twitter to speculate about his newest inking that some feel resembles Gomez. Some people were not fans of Bieber's latest tattoo.

"Justin Bieber got the world's ugliest tattoo of Selena Gomez," one person tweeted in a message that was reposted by numerous others.

However, other people were not so sure that Bieber's latest inking was a definitive photograph of Gomez.

"Justin Bieber (gets a) new tattoo of an angel and people (are) saying it looks like Selena..just stop..NO..," another person tweeted.

Regardless of what the tattoo signified, other fans of the singer wanted him to stop inking his body.

"Please please please no more tattoos I'm begging you @justinbieber," another person tweeted.