Justin Bieber Tour Tickets 2012: 'Believe' Tour Sale Date Announced

Pop singer Justin Bieber appears in an interview with (Image: Access Hollywood)Pop singer Justin Bieber appears in an interview with "Access Hollywood."

Tickets for Justin Bieber's "Believe" Tour go on sale in May according to the singer and his manager, who both recently confirmed the date via their individual Twitter accounts.

"For everyone asking. Looks like the #BelieveTour tickets will go on sale in May. We are studying MJ for this one. Thanks," Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted on April 4.

Bieber confirmed concert tickets would go on sale in May the following day, while also announcing that the music video for his latest single "Boyfriend" would be released in two weeks.

"U guys like #BOYFRIEND? Converting the haterz? #BOYFRIENDVIdeo in the next 2 weeks! #BELIEVETour goes on sale in MAY! LEGGO!" Bieber tweeted on April 5.

The "Believe" singer has not confirmed the exact day tickets will be available for purchase in May, but anxious fans still flocked to Twitter to express their excitement.

"Since I've never been to a Justin Bieber concert, I HAVE to get tickets for the Believe tour or I'm gonna die," Cat Valentine tweeted.

"Can't wait till may sooo much i so hope i get justin bieber tickets #believetour love you justinbieber xx," Katie Orange tweeted

"I pray to God that I will get tickets to the Believe tour. I need to meet my inspiration, my idol and my prince. I love Justin Drew Bieber," Anile tweeted.

Tour tickets are expected to cause a frenzy among his swooning teenage fans, and could sell out within minutes like Bieber's previous concert dates.

In August 2011, tickets to a Bieber concert which was held in Monterey, Mexico sold out in less than two hours leaving thousands of fans sobbing uncontrollably, according to Celebs Gather.com.

The scene outside the ticket box office after tickets had sold out was described as "very sad and dramatic, almost like a telenovela," according to Celebs Gather reporter Hope Carson.