Justin Bieber's Baby Mama Fires Back at 'Real' Father

Justin Bieber's baby mama's lawyer has taken aim at the real father alleging that he is guilty of the same accusations he made against Mariah Yeater.

The father, Robbie Powell, accused Yeater of exploiting their son for media attention in order to gain money last week.

All indications point to Powell being the father with texts coming from Yeater herself that said he was. According to TMZ, Powell has stated he would be more than willing to take a DNA test to prove the truth because he was tired of watching Yeater use the child for publicity.

"If Robbie Powell 'actually' believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly. Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah's legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it," said Yeater's lawyer, Jeffrey Leving.

TMZ reported several media outlets are offering money to hear Powell's side of the story, and he is strongly considering.

Despite Justin Bieber taking the DNA test two weeks ago, Yeater has yet to be found to compare with the baby’s DNA.

Leving said his client was not hiding and stated the accuser would take a test to prove her claims true.

The lawyer also said Bieber should have been under scrutiny while taking the test, and a member of Yeater’s team should have been present.

Bieber said he plans to sue the woman for her false accusations, but is not looking for monetary gain.

A source close to the Bieber camp told the Chicago Sun-Times that the singer was adamant about getting an apology.

“This is not about money,” the source said. “Clearly Mariah doesn’t have anything. It’s about getting a very public, widely televised apology - showing the world that people cannot subject celebrities to things like this simply because they are famous.”