Justin Bieber's 'Baby Mama' Has 'Explosive' Evidence; Lawyer Says Yeater is a 'Victim'

Lawyer also claims Bieber could 'corrupt' DNA test

Justin Bieber's 'Baby Mama', Mariah Yeater, claims she has “explosive” evidence that Bieber is the father and has even hired a former White House adviser on paternity law to show the evidence in court.

It has not yet been revealed what the evidence is, which was described as “explosive” by one of Yeater's friends, according to the Daily Star. Whatever the evidence is, Jeffry Leving, Yeater's new lawyer, says that she is the “victim” of scare tactics from the Bieber camp.

When WGN-TV asked Leving why he was representing Yeater, despite the fact he has usually represented fathers who were the target of paternity suits, the Chicago lawyer said: “I fight for what's right and I fight for the victim. And in this case, I view Mariah as the victim and I believe what I'm doing is right.”

He added: “And what really compelled me to get involved in this case is viewing the way she is being bullied, intimidated, and frightened, and everybody is entitled to their day in court. Everybody is entitled to access of the judicial system, and they shouldn't be battered or threatened with possible jail time or incarceration where she will lose her child and be locked up and threatened with a big lawsuit to bully her.”

Leving was also asked why he believed Yeater is telling the truth rather than simply trying to get her hands on what could be a very lucrative child support payout.

“I rely on my emotional intelligence and my ability to critically analyze people in situations,” he said. “And the key here is we're in a celebrity and wealth-driven society so quite naturally, people are going to take his side...but the bottom-line here is not necessarily just the outcome...but justice should not be a luxury only the rich can afford and nobody should be bullied out of the judicial system.”

Even though Bieber has agreed to take the DNA test, Leving said there is still a risk the truth will not come out due to the test not being court-sanctioned.

“If it's not court-sanctioned, there's not proper court-ordered controls supervising the DNA collection, the transportation to the lab and the actual testing, how do we know the evidence won't be corrupted?” he said.

Bieber has denied ever meeting Yeater, much less having sex with her.

“The allegations are 100% not true. I’m a target. That’s something that comes with the territory,” said the 17-year-old pop star.

The Daily Star reported Yeater as firing back, saying: “I’m not going to be shaken off course by his hostile words. He needs to accept responsibility for his child.”