Justin Bieber's Mother Clears Up 'Bachelor' Rumors

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber's mother, recently cleared up rumors about her wanting to appear on dating television show "The Bachelor."

During the season finale of the show that aired on Monday, 38-year-old Mallette tweeted her thoughts about the episode.

"Ok that proposal was really amazing," she wrote on Twitter. "She won me over in the end. And they ride off in an elephant together!? I'm happy 4 U."

Mallette sparked some speculation on the social networking website when she tweeted about the possibility of joining the show in the future.

"Who will be the next Bachelorette," she questioned on Twitter. "Me perhaps?? Hmmmmm..."

However, the single mother of the Canadian pop star decided to let people know that she was not serious about appearing on the show.

"Ok, It was a joke everyone. As much as I love watching #thebachelor," she tweeted. "I wouldn't become the next bachelorette!"

Although Mallette let the world know that she was not serious about joining the dating television show, she did reportedly go on a date with the "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison last October.

Bieber's mother and Harrison were set up with the help of "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. The mother and author tweeted a picture of herself with Harrison while speaking about enjoying her evening with him.

"Had a great night w @chrisbharrison," Mallette tweeted last October. "Thanks @ryanseacrest for setting it up."

While Harrison split from his wife of 18 years, Mallette has been public about her celibacy of 17 years. In an interview with talk show host Ellen Degeneres, Mallette said she was holding off on dating until her son turned 18.

"I told Justin I would focus on him and would wait until he was 18 before I started dating," Mallette told the talk show host last year.

DeGeneres offered Bieber's mother a Match.com membership to help her on her quest to find love.

"I am going to get you six months on Match.com," DeGeneres told Justin Bieber's mom. "My treat… here you go … six months free. If it doesn't work out I'll renew it for six more months."