Justin Bieber's Rep Clears Up Rumors About Star Being Booted From Hotel

Justin Bieber, 19, made headlines when a number of his fans in Paris reportedly caused him to leave the hotel where he was staying Monday.

Bieber left the Hotel Le Meurice in France after his fans swarmed the property.

Jean-Marc Morandini, a television and radio personality, blogged about the incident shortly after Bieber left the hotel.

"Justin Bieber has just been kicked out of the Meurice Hotel in Paris," Morandini wrote. "It was a decision taken by the management of the luxury hotel because of his attitude in the establishment, and because of the nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings."

However, Bieber's representatives cleared up the rumors in an Us Weekly report.

"Justin was not kicked out of the hotel. He decided to transfer to the Mandarin Oriental when there wasn't enough security at the hotel to control the crowds," Bieber's representative told Us Weekly. "There wasn't even an underground entrance for him at the other hotel and the security was too lax given the size of the crowds."

The representative told Us Weekly that the conditions were not safe for Bieber or his fans.

"Plus there was no garage," the rep added. "Very unsafe situation for Justin and the fans. Over 500 kids bombarded the hotel."

A spokesperson for the Le Maurice also confirmed Bieber's representative's statement.

"Justin Bieber had indeed left the establishment to go elsewhere, but we do not know where," the spokesman for the hotel said in an Us Weekly report. "But this is a decision made by him or his team. We do not turn people away."

Bieber made headlines last week after he posted a rant on Instagram about his issues with the press reporting false stories.

"Everyone in my team has been telling me, 'Keep the press happy,' but I'm tired of all the countless lies in the press right now. Saying I'm going to rehab and how my family is disappointed in me," Bieber wrote on the social networking website. "My family is beyond proud, and nothing's been said by them … if anyone believes I need rehab thats their own stupidity lol."