Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Wedding: Theroux Working for Peace Between Aniston and Her Mom?

Jennifer Aniston and her mother, Nancy, have not always gotten along. In fact, Aniston's fiancé, Justin Theroux, is allegedly working to promote peace between the two in the hope of having her at their wedding, according to reports.

"Right now, Jennifer is going back and forth. As it stands, she's going to invite Nancy to the wedding, but it's not set in stone," a source told Daily Mail. "Justin has been instrumental in convincing Jen to reconcile with her mother. He's encouraged her to forgive Nancy for writing a book about Jen and giving interviews about her that she regarded as excessively indiscreet."

Aniston and her mother had a huge falling out in 1996 after Nancy published "From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir," which exposed all of the family's secrets. It came right at the point when Aniston's career was taking off thanks to her starring role on "Friends." Aniston felt betrayed by her mother, especially after she gave several revealing interviews to accompany and promote the book.

Nancy was not even invited to Aniston's wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000 because of the rift. Ironically, though, Aniston has remained close to Pitt's mother, Jane, and it's very likely that she is already invited to the wedding.

"Two years ago, Jen was adamant she'd never talk to her mother again. Justin has asked her to give her mother another chance, especially as she's been recovering from a hip operation. Justin's mantra is that time heals and he's urged her to invite her mother to the wedding," the source added.

Theroux's mother is already quite close to Aniston; in fact, she joined Aniston and Theroux for dinner at the same restaurant where he proposed last year. The two are busy making wedding plans and discussing where Aniston and Theroux will live after they're married.

"She's also been instrumental in convincing Jen that New York is a great city," the insider noted. "Jen swore off New York saying it was like 'living in a goldfish bowl,' but she's gone back to liking it while she's been filming 'We're the Millers,' and the Theroux family have been instrumental in changing her mind."