Justin Theroux Marriage Proposal Turned Down: Here's Why

Justin Theroux has proposed to Jennifer Aniston while the couple vacationed in Europe, but sources have said Aniston turned him down. The news was a surprise to those who claim that Aniston is ready to settle down and start a family.

"She told him she loves him and wants to marry him, but she couldn't say yes," a source close to the couple told OK! Magazine. "She wants everything to feel right, not rushed. She told him she feels like he's not ready, but she is willing to wait for him."

The couple has been photographed throughout their European vacation, which included a romantic date in Paris. Apparently, the couple dined atop the Eiffel Tower, which Aniston thought would be the setting for a proposal. When it didn't come, a friend says, the couple started arguing.

"They fought about his commitment issues and she brought up a bunch of stuff. He got defensive and stormed out; it was a big mess. They made up a few hours later, but it still ruined the mood of everything," the source said.

Hoping to salvage the trip and their relationship, Theroux proposed after a private tour of the Vatican. Aniston turned him down, feeling that "she pushed for it. She doesn't want a guy marrying her because he feels some sort of pressure."

For now, Theroux and Aniston are still together and continuing to build a solid relationship built on mutual attraction and respect. They currently live together in a home that Aniston purchased in Bel-Air. The couple picked out furniture to go in their home while abroad.

The couple's latest film "Wanderlust," which was the first in which they worked together, was recently released on DVD. Both have strong acting credentials and are set to star in their own upcoming projects.