K. Michelle Being Courted by New York Knicks' JR Smith on Twitter?

K. Michelle, singer-songwriter and cast member of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," is being publicly courted by New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith for all of their fans to see on Twitter.

K. Michelle, born Kimberly Pate, performed in two sold out shows at New York City's SOB's recently. The 30-year-old singer reportedly sang happy birthday to 27-year-old Smith at the show last week, which sparked a lengthy Twitter exchange recently.

After the singer serenaded the basketball player, he asked her to marry him on Twitter. K. Michelle took to Twitter to offer a playful response.

"I'll marry u if buy me sunflowers," the singer tweeted Smith. "We gotta be weird 2gether & throw our middle fingers up 2 the world (sic)."

When one of the singer's followers asked why she wouldn't marry the basketball player, she responded by saying that he did not believe in love.

"RT ‪@TheBoojieIsReal‬ ‪@kmichelle‬ why won't you marry ‪@TheRealJRSmith‬," the follower asked before Michelle responded with, "Cuz he hasn't bought me Sunflowers. He doesn't believe in luv (sic)."

The exchange went on for days, with K.Michelle letting her followers know that Smith had indeed sent her flowers.

"Good morning husband. Thank u4 my flowers (sic)," the singer tweeted Smith.

The basketball star responded by letting the world know that he expected breakfast from K.Michelle.

"RT ‪@TheRealJRSmith‬ ‪@kmichelle‬ more then welcome love where u at," he tweeted. "U left wit out cookin breakfast (sic)."

While the pair continued to engage in Twitter exchanges with one another last weekend, the singer let her followers know that the tattooed ball player was sparking some interest in her.

"I'm not easily impressed or bothered, but this one right here has me intrigued," she tweeted. "Body tatted up like the subway in Harlem."

However, K.Michelle let it be known that she was not tolerating playing any games with the NBA player.

"The best game is no game. I like you. You like me," she tweeted. "That damn simple. I don't have time for any extra choreography."