K. Michelle Extends Herself to Tamar Braxton

K. Michelle may be trying to bury the hatchet once and for all with her fellow singer Tamar Braxton.

The singer born Kimberly Pate took to Twitter to wish Braxton well after the latter won big at the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards.

"I'll try this 1mo time. Congrats @tamarbraxtonher We both been through hell fighting 4a dream," K. Michelle tweeted. "Let's cut the (expletive) and inspire."

However, Braxton did not respond publicly.

This is not the first time K. Michelle has attempted to mend things with Braxton. Last September, the former posted images of some albums that she would like to purchase, including Braxton's.

"Tuesday is going to be a great day for R&B. For years now we've been left with alot of gimmick music," K.Michelle wrote on Instagram. "All differences aside REAL MUSIC is coming back, and I'm blessed to be apart of it! I'm buying ALL for of these albums. Yes, even Tamar's."

Braxton and K. Michelle began feuding last year when the latter spoke about being abused by Mickey "Memphitz" Wright. Wright, a music industry executive who used to work with Jive Records where K. Michelle, who was once his artist, is also married to Braxton's good friend Toya Wright.

After K.Michelle read some tweets from Braxton speaking about letting the "girl" live her "fairy tale" she assumed they were referring to her and took to iPower 92.1 FM's radio show with TT Torrez to speak negatively about the singer. According to S2S Magazine reports, Braxton responded to K.Michelle with a cease and desist letter from her attorneys last year.

Braxton appeared on "The Arsenio Hall" show recently where she was questioned about why she and K.Michelle were feuding. Instead of addressing the matter, Braxton refused to even acknowledge her fellow entertainer, referring to the clothing store K Mart instead.

However, Braxton insisted that she was not in the wrong when refusing to publicly acknowledge K.Michelle.

"It wasn't my fault tho..I REFUSE to talk about or be a part of foolery," Braxton tweeted after opening up to a fan questioning her on the matter.