Kandi Burruss' Mother Insists She Is Not After Real Housewives of Atlanta Daughter's Money

Joyce Jones, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" personality who came on the show as the mother to singer Kandi Burruss, is insisting that she has not attempted to impede on her daughter's wedding plans for financial reasons.

Jones, known as "Momma Joyce" on the Bravo reality television show, has vehemently disagreed with her singer-songwriter daughter's decision to marry her now fiance and broadcast producer Todd Tucker. When Burruss appeared on Bravo TV late night show "Andy Cohen Live," she became emotional when one fan questioned if her mother was reacting in extreme ways because she was afraid of losing her daughter's financial backing.

Now, Jones is defending herself against the claims.

"My only thing is that I love my daughter. I love my granddaughter, and only thing I've ever done was try to protect my daughter," she told EBONY magazine. "I've never been about her money because I have my own. I never tried to spend her money. I've always tried to save her money, help her save her money. And I just don't want her to let someone else waste what I've worked so hard to help her build."

Burruss did not hesitate to defend her mother against the claims and broke down in tears while doing so last month.

"I don't care what y'all have to say," she said on the Andy Cohen show. "That's my mama! I'm going to make sure my mama's good."

Burruss made it clear that she was not moved by the criticism of fans who did not agree with her mother's behavior. The singer-songwriter and producer insisted that she would always provide for her mother.

"She don't have to talk to me. She don't have to say nothing to me," Burruss said. "That's my mama and y'all can Tweet 'til you get blue in the face, I don't care! She can have whatever she wants 'cause that's my mama!"

However, Joyce insisted that she was finished trying to talk her daughter out of marrying Tucker.

"I'm over it," she told Radar Online. "I pray to God I'm wrong about him."