Kansas City to Host 3rd Nat'l Worship Leader Conference

The third annual National Worship Leader Conference will be held this week at the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, Kansas.

Featuring over 50 different artists and speakers and 60 workshops offered in 13 different tracks, the July 20-23 conference will provide attendees the opportunity to witness, meet and interact with a diverse group of pastors, worship leaders and teachers from across the nation and around the world and participate with them in the current worship conversation.

This year's featured speakers and worship leaders include Michael W. Smith, Greg Laurie, Leonard Sweet, Mac Powell, David Crowder Band, Paul Baloche, Donnie McClurkin, Tommy Walker, Leeland, and Lenny LeBlanc.

"Believing that God is the Audience of our worship, we provide a trusted gathering place in our changing world, a point of excellence where the global worship community can connect, communicate, sharpen their skills and be offered a platform to author multi-media devotional arts that direct the Church toward the one true worship leader – Jesus Christ," say organizers of the conference, who also publish Worship Leader magazine.

"The National Worship Leader Conference is the latest evolution in the suite of tools provided by Worship Leader," they add. "It has grown out of our purpose and desire to serve the Church as a whole. It is an outgrowth of the core principles and calling of Worship Leader magazine."

Founded by Dr. Charles Fromm as a journal 20 years ago and publishing in its present day magazine format since 1990, Worship Leader features resources from leading thinkers, artists and pastors that help worship leaders of all levels learn how to more effectively worship God and inspire them to grow in theological understanding, creativity, and leadership.

Like the magazine, the upcoming three-day conference will touch upon a variety of subjects including "Making the Most of Digital Technology in Worship," "Music as Spiritual Discipline," and "Pastoring an Online Networked Church," among other topics that will be addressed through the workshops.

The National Worship Leader Conference will kick off Monday night with an opening address by Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif.

The conference concludes Thursday night.