Friday, April 06, 2012
Kansas Mega Millions Winner Steps Forward to Claim $157 Million

Kansas Mega Millions Winner Steps Forward to Claim $157 Million

One of the three mystery winners of the Mega Millions lottery has finally stepped forward to claim their prize money.

The winner who has come out is not Mirlande Wilson, who infamously claimed to media that she is a winner but has since said that she has lost her ticket. Instead this new winner has chosen to remain anonymous, but has laid claim to the one-third portion of the world record winnings.

Prior to taxes the winner will receive $157 million.The anonymous winner has reportedly revealed their ticket and had it confirmed as authentic.

At a news conference on Friday, Kansas Lottery officials announced the news of the winner. Winners coming from Kansas are able to elect to remain anonymous, which means information on them is extremely limited.

Dennis Wilson, Kansas Lottery executive director, has said that the winner has retained legal counsel and is looking "forward to retiring."

The Kansas Lottery exec. also explained that the winning ticket was purchased at a convenience store in the eastern Kansas town of Ottawa.

Wilson also added that the winner allegedly didn't even check their ticket until Monday, which is three days after the world record lottery draw was made.

The nation has been waiting expectantly for winners to come forward, and as yet this anonymous winner from Kansas is the first to officially be declared as a winner. Two other winning tickets were reportedly sold in Maryland and Illinois, however, those winners have let to come forward.

Mirlande Wilson has claimed that she won the record prize money, and even called a press conference with her legal representative. However, the legal rep. has confirmed that he cannot confirm whether she actually has a winning ticket in her possession, and since then Wilson has reported that her ticket is lost.

The winning numbers were: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46. The Mega Ball was 23.


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