Kanye West $750,000 Lamborghini Crushed at Kim Kardashian's Home (VIDEO)

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(Photograph: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)Kim Kardashian shares "date night" photograph of Kanye West.

Kanye West's week went from bad to worse on Tuesday when his $750,000 Lamborghini was accidentally crushed at the home of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The luxury sports car was reportedly transported to Kardashian's Los Angeles home following a service when the incident occurred. An unidentified driver was in the process of transporting the black Aventador onto the reality TV star's property when her electric gates closed in on it.

"The driver pulled into the gate but didn't make it all the way in before the gate closed on both sides of the car," a source told TMZ.com.

West, 35, was in New York when the incident occurred and mechanics are said to be in the process of estimating damages.

The crushing incident comes days after the "Runaway" rapper accidentally walked into a pole during an outing with Kardashian in Beverly Hills.

West was walking alongside a heavily pregnant Kardashian, 31, when a swarm of paparazzi photographers approached them. The Grammy award-winning artist was left with a bloody mark on his forehead and a source says the rapper was injured because he was simply not paying attention.

"He had just nearly killed himself when he ran into that pole. He wasn't even looking where he was going because he was making sure Kim was alright," a source told HollywoodLife.com.

"He makes sure she's taken care of first before he worries about himself," the source added.

As West stood with his head in his hands, the paparazzi continued to take photographs, which set him off.

"He just went off. He's tired of being stalked everywhere he goes. He hates it," the source said.

West recently returned to the U.S. after temporarily relocating to France to work on his sixth studio album.

Kardashian, who is said to be seven months along in her pregnancy, is reportedly due in to give birth in July.