Kanye West and 'American Idol' Judge Rumors: Is Randy Jackson Leaving?

Another potential judge on American Idol has been announced. This time it is Kanye West at the front of the rumors, with reports suggesting that producers are pursuing the rapper as a judge.

Kanye West could be the next "American Idol" judge, according to a new report. He may have no trouble with reality television- he is dating the reality queen herself, Kim Kardashian- but the rapper is still unsure about whether "American Idol" is his cup of tea.

"He's on the fence," a source reported to TMZ, adding that West was unsure if "A.I." was really right for him.

Despite his hesitancy, West still expressed interest in the offer when the "head honchos" of Idol reached out to the rapper with a potential offer. The deal would be similar to that offered to Mariah Carey, who is receiving $18 million for the gig.

But doesn't "Idol" already have its three judges? Reasons behind why the show's judge talk has continued even after three judges have been chosen remains unclear. On Monday, it was rumored that Nicki Minaj had practically signed the deal on her "Idol" judge contract.

A source alleged that the 29-year-old was "100% confirmed to judge American Idol," according to a report in Us Weekly. The report was later rumored to have infuriated Mariah Carey, who believed that Minaj coming on board meant that she would be replaced.

West is actually the fifth judge that producers are allegedly considering.

Has Mariah Carey's contract, which is reportedly not 100 percent finalized, fallen through? Other talks have suggested that the show may even consider a fourth judge this season. But that means that right now producers still have one extra candidate.

West isn't a possible pick unless producers plan on letting go of Randy Jackson as well in order to start with a completely new slate.