Kanye West Explains Dating Kim Kardashian Despite Hating Paparazzi; Unveils Baby on 'Kris' (PREVIEW)

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(Photograph: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)Kim Kardashian shares "date night" photograph of Kanye West.

Kanye West gushed about his love for Kim Kardashian during a recent appearance on Kris Jenner's talk show, and audience members finally got a first glimpse of the couple's daughter, baby North.

The "New Slaves" rapper, 36, has received widespread criticism over his high profile relationship with Kardashian, 32, ever since they began dating in 2012 and in a recent interview with Jenner, 57, on the "Kris" show West defended his love for the reality TV star.

"I could have people saying, this is going to damage your credibility as an artist or as a designer, and I say, you know, I don't care, I love this woman," West told Jenner about Kardashian.

"Or someone could say ... everyone knows you don't like paparazzi, but why would you be with this person? And I would say, I'm being with this person because I love this person and she's worth it to me," he explained.

Kardashian, who gave birth to baby Nori in June, made her first post-baby appearance at a funeral held for West's grandfather, Portwood Williams Sr., on Saturday. West reflected on his grandfather's values while opening up to Jenner.

"My grandfather just passed, and his whole thing - it was never about money, it was never about popularity, his whole thing was joy, just joy, just having joy in his life," West said while getting teary-eyed.

"And she's my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world, and there's no paparazzi, and there's no blog comment that can take that joy from me," he added.

Critics of West, who is renowned wanting privacy, were shocked that the Grammy award-winning rapper spoke to candidly in his interview with Jenner which is set to air Friday. Fans were particularly surprised that he was willing to unveil baby North, who has reportedly been nicknamed Nori.

"North is very beautiful. She has big cheeks, a lighter complexion than Kanye, but closer to Kanye's color than Kim's," one onlooker - who reportedly caught a glimpse of the picture – told CNN.

"She has straight black hair and almond eyes just like Kim. She has a round face and is really cute," the source added.