Kanye West Glorifies Kim Kardashian's Controversial Tape in New Song (AUDIO)

Kanye West recently mentioned Kim Kardashian's infamous tape in a new song entitled "Clique," and although the socialite previously admitted that the tape brought immense shame upon her family, the rapper controversially seemingly views it as a badge of honor.

"Eat breakfast at Gucci / My girl a superstar all from a home movie," West boasted in the song.

While some critics believe that West's lyrics are meant as a form of endearment, others believe that West's rap could potentially add further ridicule to Kardashian's controversial career.

The reality TV star rose to stardom in 2007 following the release of a intimate tape featuring singer Ray-J. Although Kardashian acknowledges that her celebrity status stemmed from the tape, she admitted that it was not at all positive, describing her "porn star" label as "humiliating" and "not my proudest moment" in a previous interview with Allure Magazine.

Kardashian, who now makes millions of dollars by appearing on reality TV, continues to receive widespread criticism over the legitimacy of her celebrity status. Various celebrities, like actors Jeremy Renner and Daniel Craig ,have publicly condemned Kardashian for what many argue is putting a price on their privacy to make a living.

"I'm not naive to that fact, that [the tape was] pretty much how I was introduced to the world," Kardashian recently told Oprah Winfrey when asked if the tape helped her career.

"It was a negative way, so I felt like I really had to work 10 times harder to get people to see the real me," she said.

Up until now, it was claimed that West, 34, refused to watch Kardashian's tape and at one point allegedly lost his cool and went "crazy" when his friends began teasing him about it, according to OK! Magazine.

"For all his bad-boy image, he's quite old-fashioned and [while they were still just friends] he thought it inappropriate to view Kim's tape. Now that they are a couple, there's no way Kanye's ever going to look at it," a source told OK!

"When some of his buddies were teasing him about it over a few beers just recently, he went crazy and told them in no uncertain terms that the subject was completely off limits. At first they thought he was joking, but he was deadly serious. Kanye never, ever wants to see the tape, and he has banned anyone in his entourage from even talking about it," the insider explained.