Kanye West 'Livid' Following Kim Kardashian Blackface Scandal, Wants Fiancée to Stop Paid Appearances

(PHOTO) Reuters/Lucy NicholsonKim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West

Kanye West has reportedly urged Kim Kardashian to stop doing paid appearances following her unpleasant experience at the Vienna annual opera ball.

Last month Kardashian, 33, was reportedly paid $500,000 to attend the prestigious event in Austria as the guest of Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman, but she opted to leave early after a man wearing "black face" began mimicking her West while another used the n-word in her presence, according to TMZ.com.

West, who was attending Paris fashion week at the time, was reportedly "livid" after learning about his fiancé's bad experience and has requested that she no longer do any paid appearance gigs.

"He went nuclear when Kim told him someone had used the N-word in front of her and one of the guests was dressed in blackface. It was his advice to leave right away, no questions asked," a source told RadarOnline.com.

"It's not about the money. Kanye told her no more paid appearances. It was selling her soul and not worth it," the source continued. "How much more money does Kim need? It cheapens Kim and her brand to be paid to go to parties."

Kardashian, who was branded "annoying" by Lugner, was accompanied by her mother Kris Jenner during the ball. The matriarch, who manages Kardashian, is said to be reluctant for her daughter to stop doing paid gigs.

"Kris gets a 10 percent cut of all deals she brokers on behalf of Kim, which means she made $50,000 off of the Austrian appearance," the insider revealed.

"She is always telling Kim that opportunities to make such big money isn't always going to be there … her motto is, you have to strike while the iron is hot," the source explained. "So for the meantime, Kris doesn't have any plans to cancel any of Kim's upcoming appearances. In fact, she is still booking Kim! Kim is stuck in the middle."

Meanwhile Lugner, 81, went straight to the press to complain about Kardashian after she left early. The European tycoon accused the E! star of failing to fulfill her contractual obligations as his "date."

"Kim is annoying me because she's not sticking to the program," Lugner was quoted as telling reporters – Radar reported.