Kanye West Proposes, Kim Kardashian Says No: 100th Time the Charm? (VIDEO)

A new report states that Kanye West has proposed to Kim Kardashian more than once.

A new source unveiled that Kanye West has proposed to Kim Kardashian on a number of occasions. The reality star however, continues to say no, according to OK! Magazine.

"Kim has tried to discourage it, but Kanye has said he wants to marry her for years now," an insider told OK!. "On more than one occasion he said, 'Kim, will you marry me?' He'd be dead serious if she'd say yes."

Kardashian however, apparently refuses to take the rap singer seriously, although that doesn't seem to have discouraged West much.

"After Kanye's most recent proposal, while the pair were in L.A., Kim asked him where the engagement ring was. He got down on one knee and she got embarrassed, telling him to get up, and saying that she wasn't even officially divorced yet," the magazine reported.

Other sources have also revealed that the couple is seriously considering marriage.

"Kim and Kanye are 100 percent having conversations about marriage," a source told Us Magazine at the end of April. One insider even suggested that West had rapped about it.

"On an upcoming track by hip-hop artist Pusha T, West, 34, raps, 'I saw you in the club in a white dress / Now I want to put you in a white dress,'" Us Magazine reported.

West originally revealed to the public that he was in love with Kardashian on his single "Cold."

"And I'll admit that I fell in love with Kim. 'Round the same time that she had fell in love with him," West wrote.

Although West has been continually denied, the source revealed that West would keep asking in hopes of a yes.

"I think he believes if he asks her 100 times, then eventually she'll say yes," the insider told Ok.