Kanye West Talks 'Illuminati' on Rihanna's 'Diamonds' Remix

Kanye West, 35-year-old rapper, recently spoke about the alleged secret society known as the "Illuminati" on Rihanna's newly released "Diamonds" remix.

The rapper was the first voice that fans heard on Rihanna's "Diamonds" remix and decided to mention the Illuminati, an organization that many people have suspected secretly rules the world and that West belongs to.

"We're the cause of all the commotion, your mouth running but where is you going," West raps. "...What is (sic) you talking man that ain't important. Illuminati? High Society? We in this party and nobody invited me."

While West uses the rest of his verse to brag about his style, popularity, talent and loyalty to his music family. Fans took to various forms of social media to react to his statements. One person thought the rapper spoke too much about the Illuminati.

"Kanye West talks about the Illuminati way too much," the person tweeted. "Cool man your evil we're over it."

However, another individual did not believe that an organization that allegedly runs the world would be interested in using Hip-Hop artists to do so.

"Hip Hop stars want to be viewed as 'we run the world.' Illuminati= Alleged to control world affairs," the person wrote on Facebook. "It's a fancy shmancy word they're using to try and validate the way they see themselves and want to be seen as. People take things these artists say and do, for the sake of their career, waaay too literal."

Two years ago, rapper GLC who is also a longtime Kanye West collaborator, said he did not believe his fellow Chicago native and artist was involved in the alleged secret society.

""The Illuminati, those are like multi-billionaire people that are rich as hell and have more money than countries and (expletive) and I don't know no rappers that's doing it like that, you know? It's just kind of crazy," the rapper told AllHipHop.com in 2010. "If it's real... all I can say is I don't know but I could say that when it seems like people are less fortunate than others, people always have a reason for why that person has it and they don't."

GLC addressed the possibility of West joining such an organization, saying that he didn't believe a secret organization was the reason behind the popular rapper's success.

"I know that people were saying that Kanye is a part of the Illuminati and he sacrificed his mom and all this type of crazy (expletive) he loved his mom. He wouldn't sacrifice his mom," GLC told the hip-hop website addressing some of the rumors that he heard concerning West. "...From the time he was 12 years old to the time he got on, he made beats every day... But just because he's so good at what he does, aw man he has to be the Illuminati! I think people just need to spend more time focusing on what they can do to make their lives better as opposed to focusing on why somebody has something and they don't."