Kanye West Twitter: Rapper Boasts About 'Best Rap Verse of All Time' After Paparazzi Attack (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Andrew KellyKanye West at the CFDA Fashion awards at the Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall in New York City

Kanye West recently broke his silence Saturday after reportedly attacking a paparazzi photographer and the rapper boasted about his music in a candid tweet.

On Friday reports claimed the Grammy award-winning rapper, 36, could potentially face felony charges and jail time after he lashed out at a pushy paparazzi photographer at LAX airport. West urged the pap, known only as "Dano," to "not speak" and lunged at him after he continued pressing the rapper with questions.

Police sources reportedly told TMZ.com that Dano sustained injuries during the attack and is subsequently pressing charges against West. Despite the seriousness surrounding the potential legal woes, the "Black Skinhead" rapper appeared to be more focused on his new song "New Slaves," which he believes made history.

"I open the debate… The 2nd verse of New Slaves is the best rap verse of all time….meaning … OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD," West tweeted July 20.

The song, which is featured on West's new "Yeezus" album, makes references to a "new world order" and contains cryptic messages.

Ironically, West also raps about the paparazzi and destroying their camera equipment. He is reportedly suspected of felony attempted robbery pending an ongoing police investigation in Friday's incident, according to the New York Daily News.

"So go and grab the reporters/So I can smash their recorders/See they'll confuse us with some bull----/Like the New World Order/Meanwhile the DEA/Teamed up with the CCA/They tryna lock n----- up/They tryna make new slaves/See that's that privately owned prison/Get your piece today," West raps in the second verse.

Fans continued to speculate the meaning behind the messages in West's controversial song. The rapper appears to make threats during the same verse in which he boasted about on Twitter recently.

"Y'all 'bout to turn s--- up/I'm 'bout to tear s--- down/I'm 'bout to air s--- out/Now what the f--- they gon' say now?" he raps.

On June 15 West became a father when his girlfriend of one-year, Kim Kardashian, gave birth to their first child. The reality TV star delivered a baby girl who the couple named, North West.

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