Kanye West's Heels on Sale for $5,888

Kanye West has decided to try his hand in the fashion industry, designing clothes and high end foot wear that has walked down the Paris fashion show runway.

West came up with the design of the heel with the help of famed fashion persona Giuseppe Zanotti. The International Business Times reported that West showed off his collection last fall.

After the heel came out it was received with an overwhelmingly response of negative reviews, but the heavily beaded and unique high heels had a few people talking. The shoes made their way into the last issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia.

Kanye West might be creating room for himself in the fashion world, despite the amount of criticism the rapper received for his women's wear collection that was featured in Paris last October.

At the time, when asked about West's collection, Vogue's Anna Wintour responded with an icy, "ask someone else," according to E! Online.

That however may be a moot point considering that the heels will be featured in a high end clothing store. The extremely selective Parisian boutique Colette announced that they will sell the new shoe from Kanye West by tweeting a picture of the heel.

The price of the shoe is not known, but fashion experts stated that it would be unusual if the heel is priced under $1,200.

Some fashion experts predict that the shoe could be priced closer to $1800 due to Kanye's involvement. One pair of the pearl encrusted heels is rumored to cost close to $6, 000.

Even though there has been no word about the future of his signature KANYE WEST label, perhaps this is just a way for West to step into the industry.

His commitment is there due to his shirtless appearance in Vogue which was celebrating Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci. It was also publicized that he supported designer Mark Fast at London's Fashion Week.

But the most intriguing piece of evidence is the fact that he designed the shoes for Australian designer Dion Lee's debut show.