Kanye's Crystal Mask: Kanye West Stuns Fans After Leather Skirt Outfit (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Normalmagcom via The Christian Post Screen-Capture)Kanye West performs in a Crystal Mask

Kanye West's crystal mask look has created waves among his fans as the rapper performed in the unique costume at Revel in Atlantic City on Friday night.

Many were left bewildered as the singer, often known for his strange fashion choices, donned a crystal mask as he gave a performance in an all-white outfit.

However, it didn't just end at the crystal mask, he also went through a costume change and replaced the crystal mask with a feathered mask, to further surprise his fans.

Meanwhile, recently the rapper created a stir around his outfits as he decided to don a Givenchy leather kilt as he performed at the Hurricane Sandy relief concert on Dec 12.

One of his team, Renelou Padora, has explained why his leather skirt-like attire became the choice for the high-profile performance.

"It still has the effect of a kilt with the pleats but we took out all the volume in the back. Really its Riccardo Tisci's vision from Givenchy so I don't wanna take too much away from what his vision was, but I know from the meeting that Riccardo had with Kanye in Paris that he said he knew he should be wearing a kilt," Padora revealed in a VOYR video posted on YouTube.

West's stylist explained how her team came upon the materials that transformed into the rapper's kilt.

"We went with the flow we didn't know what was going to arrive in the box until we opened it," Padora said. "And out came these amazing pieces that were just made for Kanye and Jay-Z. It took a while but then push came to shove and out came the leather pant and the kilt."

The rapper chimed in to figure out which length and cut of the kilt would best suit him.

"It just looks like a long T-shirt. We've got all these different versions. The one I tried yesterday didn't have pleats in the back. What happens is when I go like this [moves] it makes this weird shape," West told his team before speaking about the perception that people may have about him wearing the unique garment. "I love this, I don't care if people think I am wearing a kilt or not wearing a kilt. I just love the silhouette. I think it's really modern."