Kardashian Baby Bump Dilemma: To Hide or Not? Maternity Wear Tips

Kim Kardashian is known for showing off her curves in sleek, tight fitting dresses. But what will the reality star do as her pregnancy begins to show?

Kardashian and Kanye West announced on New Year's that they would be expecting a baby together. While being elated by the news, Kardashian has now been posed with the issue of how to deal with her baby bump. She is now nearly three months pregnant, and due in July. What will her fashion forecast be for the next six months of maternity wear?

So far, the results are mixed. Kardashian has been spotted in both tight fitting clothes that reveal her curves with a growing baby bump and in loose fitting coats that appear to hide all evidence.

"She covered up in a black done up coat which hid her growing baby bump, along with a black Hermes Birkin bag and a pair of dark shades propped onto her face, despite the sun being nowhere to be seen," an Entertainment Wise report stated this week.

But over the weekend, the star was spotted headed for Sunday brunch in a more form-fitting dress.

"Kanye West's love showed off her tiny baby bump on Sunday," E! News reported stating that the reality star was wearing a "curve-hugging white dress."

To show or not to show your bump is a question that countless moms have had to ask themselves. Some stylists have offered tips on how to dress the bump.

"Stick to what you love," Stylist Estee Stanley told E! magazine. Stanley also suggested that expecting mothers should "accentuate their stomach" at around six or seven months with materials such as lyrca.

"Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you'll ever do, so flaunt it," Stanley said. But, "If you want to be a bit more covered up, look for a great one piece or a pretty tunic for a laid-back vacation vibe."

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