Sunday, June 24, 2012
Kardashian Staged Sex Tape is 'Disgusting and Disturbing' says Khloe

Kardashian Staged Sex Tape is 'Disgusting and Disturbing' says Khloe

Kris Humphries has allegedly stated that Kris Jenner purposely staged Kim Kardashian's leaked sex tape in order for her daughter to gain fame. Khloe Kardashian responded by suggesting that his statement reflected his own fantasies.

The Kardashian/Humphries charade was recently further complicated when Myla Sinanaj stepped into the picture. The previously unknown girl had apparently been dating Humphries for months before she was slighted by the NBA player and it appears that she has now swapped sides.

Kim Kardashian recently subpoenaed Sinanaj for evidence in her pending divorce case against Humphries. The slighted ex built a united front with Kardashian, offering up surprising text messages as evidence and speaking on conversations that she had with Humphries in the past.

One such conversation detailed how Humphries had accused Kris Jenner, Kardashian's mother, of staging the infamous sex tape which brought Kim to fame, in order to make her daughter a star. Jenner allegedly construed the idea after Paris Hilton, a former friend of Kardashian, received fame for the same reason. Humphries also allegedly revealed that Jenner had even directed the tape and forced Kardashian to reshoot a second one when the first was not "pretty" enough according to TMZ.

"That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!" Khloe Kardashian told TMZ in response to the accusations.

The younger sister, who had previously defended Humphries as a "good guy" apparently had a change of heart after the new information was revealed.

Minanaj also hurt Humphries' case against Kardashian, in which he alleges that Kardashian emotionally destroyed him by pulling him through a fake marriage, by offering a text in which the NBA player states that he is completely over the reality star and eager to spend the rest of his life with Minanaj.

Other sources also reported to TMZ that charges about the sex tape were false and that a conversation about it never occurred between Kim Kardashian and Humphries.


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