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Karen Marley, Mistress, Admits 50 Affairs With Married Men (VIDEO)

Karen Marley, Mistress, Admits 50 Affairs With Married Men (VIDEO)

Karen Marley, mistress of many married men, admitted to being in over 50 affairs in her 45 years of living. The self-proclaimed "serial mistress" has no plans to stop, either.

Karen Marley's mistress lifestyle is facilitated by U.K. website, a place where married people search for others they can have affairs with. Women may join for free, but men must pay $215 a month for the service. Marley does her part though, she said- by being the "perfect mistress."

"Their wives should be grateful when it's me their husbands choose," the 45-yearold told U.K. publication The Mirror, referring to the 300,000 other women on the site. "I'm the perfect mistress. I am never going to ask them to leave their wives for me. Most mistresses do, but not me."

Marley also has reasons for exclusively dating married men. According to her, men who must be around their wives have better behavior and know how to treat a woman. Single men, conversely, do not.

"A single guy I was on a date with licked his plate in a restaurant," she told Dr. Drew on his HLN show. "A married man would never do that because his wife would knock his head off his shoulders."

Marley's lifestyle isn't for everyone, however. One married caller rang in to the "Dr. Drew" show to tell the mistress that she was a "prostitute" and that what she does "makes [her] sick." Simone Bienne, Drew's co-host, called Marley "delusional, narcissistic, lazy and cruel."

"Women don't do this to other women- we don't want to lose our integrity," Bienne, who is also of the U.K., said. She also pointed to the marriages and children that are damaged by Marley's behavior.

Marley attempted to justify her lifestyle by saying she never bothers the husbands at home, and sometimes doesn't sleep with them. When confronted by angry wives, she said, affairs were discontinued.

Despite the economic climate in Europe, Illicit Encounters is doing well as a business. Because many couples can't afford a costly divorce, affairs have risen in popularity.

"It's not just legal fees. It's the fact they can't sell their houses since the market is so stagnant," Rosie Freeman-Jones, a spokeswoman for Illicit Encounters, explained. "A surprisingly high number of people … count their marriages as over already."

"Having an affair is treated almost as a practical, rather than a romantic, decision," she added.


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