Kat Von D Wedding: Mermaid Dress, Underwater Theme

Kat Von Drachenberg has planned an underwater ceremony for her wedding to electronic music star Joel Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5.

A reality star and tattoo artist, Von D is planning an August wedding that is "the furthest thing from traditional" as possible, according to reports. Zimmerman first proposed to Von D via Twitter in December.

"I can't wait for Christmas so ... Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?" Zimmerman wrote on his Twitter account in December with the picture of a diamond ring. The picture depicted a crystal diamond, although Zimmerman promised that it would be changed to black.

The couple's wedding has been scheduled for August 10th. And it appears that Von D has been a busy wedding planner. The entire ceremony will have an "underwater theme" Von D told People magazine on Monday.

The theme is based off of a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft titled "The Call of Cthulhu." The story, whose character is half man and half octopus, is a favorite of both Von D and her fiancé.

Von D promised the magazine that all the decorations, food, and even the performers would take place in the theme with performers dressed up as mermaids. As for her dress, Zimmerman is working with Falguni and Shane Peacock to develop a design.

"It will have a sleek silhouette and include hints of iridescent teals, blues and deep violet ombré gradients," Von D told the magazine, although she admitted that she was not supposed to know the details. "I didn't know the dress was supposed to be a surprise."

Famous as a tattoo artist, Von talked highly of her fiancé and relayed that being with him felt like the most "natural" thing in the world.

"Being with Joel is the only thing that feels more natural than tattooing," she told People. "Our wedding is merely a celebration of that love and commitment we live in already."