Kate Baby Bump Photos: CHI Magazine to Publish New Intrusive Photos of Duchess Kate Middleton

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(Photo: REUTERS/Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool)Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge listens to her husband Prince William deliver a speech during a visit to Cambridge University in Cambridge, central England November 28, 2012.

Kate Middleton's baby bump is attracting renewed attention this week after new photos of the Duchess and Prince William were taken as they holidayed in Mustique recently.

The photos have outraged Royal supporters as they will reportedly be published again by CHI, the same Italian magazine that published photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless in a private mansion in France last year in September.

The alleged baby bump photos will show the 31 year old Duchess wading through the water as she relaxes with her husband in a final getaway before she gives birth later this year.

Although Kate's baby bump is still small, it is still said to be clearly visible in the photos.

The new photos are said to be published on Feb. 13 and according to one source, "It's been a real sour note for the end of their trip. For Catherine, it was the first time she had shown her baby bump, and so for it to be exposed so quickly has shaken her up a little. They thought with the privacy laws on the island they would be able to spend a moment outside of the house without this happening," according to The Examiner.

The Duchess has been constantly hounded by paparazzi since she married Prince William, in scene only comparable to what the Prince's mother, Princess Diana experienced. She of course was killed in a car accident in Paris as her driver sped away in a car trying to get away from chasing paparazzi.

According to a Business Insider report in 2012, paparazzi can earn as much as $250,000 for photos of Kate Middleton, with certain magazines ruthlessly wanting to capture a scoop by publishing exclusive and intrusive photos of her.

Despite repeated warnings and pleas from the British Royal Family for Kate Middleton to be given more privacy and for her private space to be respected, news of her pregnancy has sent paparazzi into a frenzy to get the latest pictures of her.

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