Kate Gosselin Blasted in Expose Written by Friend of Jon Gosselin

TLC's star Kate Gosselin has received harsh criticism after a friend of her ex-husband penned a tell-all book allegedly suggesting the mother of eight harshly punished her children.

Formerly featured on "Kate Plus 8," restyled from "Jon and Kate Plus 8," Gosselin and her children are well known reality stars that have captured the hearts of many television viewers since the show hit TLC.

Journalist Robert Hoffman claims to be an insider of Gosselin's ex, Jon, and has allegedly accused the famous mother of using severe forms of punishment on the eight Gosselin children, according to RadarOnline.

Hoffman penned that the Gosselin matriarch used wooden spoons during spankings on the children, and according to RadarOnline, the journalist was able to obtain Gosselin's diaries and journals in which she described her punishment methods.

"She uses that 'Spanker' on a daily basis for anything and everything," Hoffman told RadarOnline. "The spanking entries are endless."

The book, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World Unedited," is scheduled for release on Sept. 29.

"She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers," the insider added, speaking to RadarOnline.

Hoffman claims that Jon Gosselin was opposed to the spankings but was unable to stop them.

"Jon knew that Kate was using a wooden spoon with the kids and hated it," said the journalist.

The Examiner has claimed that Hoffman befriended Jon Gosselin with the intention of gaining insider information on the famous family. Hoffman formerly worked for a local newspaper in Pennsylvania near the Gosselin's home before he began working as a journalist at Us Magazine and covering gossip about the family.

Meanwhile, the mom appears unaffected by the criticism and posted an uplifting message on Twitter Friday.

"Good morning! I believe in kind words, deeds&positivity. Let's turn our attention to making the world better, shall we? Have a gr8 Friday : )," wrote Gosselin.

Earlier, she had posted, "I have THE best twitter followers ever.. Oddly, in yet another difficult time,I feel SO loved and supported! So awesome!I love you guys!XO"