Kate Gosselin Denies Face-Lift Rumors, Flattered by 'Compliments'

Kate Gosselin denied rumors that she received a face-lift, but has expressed her gladness with what she deems as compliments towards her appearance.

The reality show star, who rose to fame initially for the “Jon and Kate plus Eight” show, went on her blog to address the issue, US Weekly reported.

A source close to the magazine shared earlier during the month that the mother of eight was “obsessed” with her appearance, and that she was willing to do anything to restore a more youthful complexion.

Gosselin, however, went on her blog, CouponCabin, and told fans that she was too young for such a procedure.

"I am only 36! But, I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks,” said the mother, trying to brush off the rumors.

The stories initially swelled from the fact that she received both a tummy tuck and breast implants in previous years, in efforts to regain her body form from before she had children. A plastic surgeon that examined recent pictures of Gosselin claimed he saw evidence of a face-lift based on her changed eye shape and jaw line, US Weekly reported.

On her blog, Gosselin insisted that it was using many new beauty products that made her skin look so refreshing. Many have gone on social networking websites to argue whether the reality star is telling the truth, and have been creating polls to see what the public really thinks.

Unless an interview with the supposed surgeon who led her operation comes forth, however, the only thing interested people will have, as evidence; will be Gosselin’s words themselves.