Kate Gosselin From 'Kate Plus 8' Completes Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon (VIDEO)

Kate Gosselin, the star figure of “Kate Plus 8,” which was recently canceled, was in Las Vegas at the weekend to run 26 miles in the Rock & Roll Marathon.

 Kate Gosselin Completes Her First Marathon

Gosselin was rightfully delighted with her achievement at finishing. Following the race she took to her Twitter account to write: "Hey all! I won according2my shirt:).”

The Rock & Roll Marathon uniquely takes place at night and closes down the famous Las Vegas strip for a full six hours. This year was a record for the race with 44,000 participants taking part in the grueling race.

Gosselin was able to complete the 26 miles in 4 hours 59 minutes 21 seconds.

She tweeted: “A lot slower than I hoped but I finished&I'm happy! I could barely walk from finish line..had to b helped!”

Even though the race was obviously tough, a fit Gosselin was back to her usual self by Monday. She took to her twitter account again to explain that she was already “back in heels” and was ready and willing to begin training for her next marathon as soon as possible.