Kate Gosselin 'Pities' Ex-Husband Jon

Kate Gosselin gave a revealing interview in which she described the feelings she still has for ex-husband Jon. While there is some love left between the two, Kate added that she pities Jon and the situation he is in now.

"Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness and empathy and pity for someone, the root of that is love," Kate told Bethenny Frankel.

Jon recently admitted that he had fallen on hard times and was working as a waiter in order to make ends meet. He also confessed that he had fallen behind on his child support payments but was intent on taking good care of his eight children. Kate told Frankel that she fully supports her children's relationship with Jon.

"They visit him every other weekend. He has a dinner night with them. Without going into too much detail, we are making the most of it. I definitely want them to know that I did not want to hinder or stand in the way of that relationship with him, so I do everything I can to foster that because it is important and you have the ability to remove judgment and ugliness from that," Kate explained.

"The best thing for my kids is that I give them the opportunity and the ability to continue that relationship," Kate added. "When they are older, if they don't want to do it anymore or whatever decisions they make, that is their business. For now, my job is to foster that bond."

Frankel questioned Kate about her relationship with bodyguard Steve Nelid, but Kate was quick to say that the two had never been in an intimate relationship.

The mother-of-eight is currently suing her ex-husband and his friend for allegedly stealing her personal information and publishing an unauthorized "tell-all" book. "Kate Gosselin: How She Food the World" was pulled from Amazon after the lawsuit was filed in court because of the claim that information was obtained illegally.