Kate Gosselin Reported to CPS Twice, Maintains Positive Attitude Amid Controversy

After a shocking "tell-all" book alleged that Kate Gosselin spanked her children using a wooden spoon, the book's author has now confirmed that he reported the reality star to Child Protective Services.

"I personally contacted Child Protection Services twice in 2010 when I found the journal (in which Gosselin allegedly recorded the abuse)," Hoffman told Radar Online. "I sent them copies of what I had and they told me they would look into it and that's the last I heard. I've tried to talk to Kate several times in 2010 but she wouldn't acknowledge my existence."

Instead, Hoffman decided to go even more public with the allegations of Gosselin's violent tendencies, which include spanking her eight children with a wooden spoon. His e-book, entitled "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" was pulled by Amazon after only two days and is no longer available for purchase.

Two legal teams, Lavely & Singer and Williams & Connolly, each requested that the material be pulled from the site due to infringement rights. Hoffman, a former friend of Kate's ex-husband Jon, allegedly predicted that he would "be sued by one more ore parties before this is over," he told Radar Online.

Neither Gosselin has responded to Hoffman's allegations, but Hoffman has instead taken it upon himself to continue to try and publish the material. He has established a website asking for donations to be able to publish his book through other means.

Kate Gosselin tweeted last week that she had "the best twitter followers ever… Oddly, in yet another difficult time, I feel SO loved and supported! So awesome! Love you guys! XO."

Gosselin is not letting this latest story get the best of her and is staying focused on raising her eight children, according to her Twitter account.

"Same old, same old here! Love being home doing normal stuff!" she tweeted this morning.