Kate Gosselin's Daughters Say She is 'Annoying,' Teens Defend Reality TV

Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight children earned international fame on TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" in 2006, and now, seven years later, the Gosselin kids are speaking up.

TLC's reality series about the unique family even survived the Gosselin parents' divorce in 2009 when the show became just "Kate Plus 8."

However, many viewers chastised the Gosselins for exploiting their children for fame and fortune.

Taking aim at critics this week are two of the Gosselin children themselves. The two eldest children of the Pennsylvania family, twins Cara and Mady, opened up about their childhoods in the spotlight while speaking to People magazine.

As it turns out, the twin girls are much like teenagers everywhere who find their parents "annoying."

"People expect us to be damaged," said Cara, according to People.

"They think we're supposed to be so messed up, like, 'ooh, the poor Gosselin kids, they're going to be scarred for life, waaaah,'" Mady added.

"It's so false, we're fine," Cara chimed in. "We're better than ever, actually."

The twin sisters were born six minutes apart and share six younger siblings- sextuplets who are nine years old.

"Kate Plus 8" stopped filming in 2011, but Cara and Mady updated readers on their family, including their 38-year-old mother.

"She is so annoying," Mady said, according to People.

Cara went on that their mom was "annoying on purpose."

"Like, she does it just to bother us," the teen said of her mother, who appeared on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2010.

Getting more specific, the twin girls described how their mother gets under their skin.

"Like, she says 'spensive.' I'm like, 'Mom, it's ex-pensive," Mady explained. "Spensive isn't a word! Stop it!'"

Cara added, "She totally does that just to annoy us."

Meanwhile, Kate and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin remain contentious over their reality television series and have publicly feuded about the "development" of their eight children.