Kate Hudson Clashing With 'Diva' Lea Michele on 'Glee' Set?

Kate Hudson and Lea Michele are reportedly clashing on the set of "Glee" as the pair film scenes for Hudson's guest star appearances.

Hudson, 33, landed a six-episode arc as a dance teacher to Michele's character on the Fox hit TV show and although the pair initially bonded well, the mother of two is now being forced to keep her distance because she can no longer tolerate Michele's "diva" behavior.

"[Lea's] a total diva," a source told Us magazine. "Kate says Lea is a nightmare. Once, during a technical delay, Lea snapped her fingers and said, 'Let's go. I have plans!'"

The report comes just one month after Michele, 26, expressed her excitement about working with Hudson, who debuts on the season 4 premiere of "Glee" on September 13.

"I'm so obsessed with her," Michele told ET Canada on July 18. "She's one of the greatest comedic actresses right now and I just think she's so great."

Although a source claims that "Kate's keeping her distance" from Michele due to her rude behavior, a representative for Michele insists that "Lea has had a great time with Kate" while filing.

Also guest starring on the hit show this season is "Sex & The City" star Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays a song-and-dance mentor to Chris Colfer's character Kurt in episode 3.

Michele spoke out about how she feels about having two renowned actresses joining her on set while at the Valspar Hands for Habitat unveiling in New York City on July 20.

"I really think having Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson come in for our fourth season is so exciting. I think I'm more excited for this season than ever before," Michele said before going on to explain the challenges that her character may face.

"I think the biggest obstacle is going to be that she's now going to be in a school with 1,400 other Rachel Berrys, which I don't think she's prepared for. I think she's definitely going to try and put on a brave face and make everyone back home think she's doing well, but she hasn't had contact with Finn [Cory Monteith], and I think she's really struggling. But I think it's great because I feel like Rachel is always at her best when she's got things to face," she explained.