Kate Middleton Baby Shower Will Break Royal Tradition, Duchess Has Queen's 'Blessing'?

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Photo: REUTERS/OLIVIA HARRISKate Middleton at Windsor Castle

Kate Middleton will celebrate her first ever baby shower in coming weeks ahead of her July due date in a move that will break royal tradition.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, will reportedly celebrate amongst family and friends in the Middleton family home in Berkshire with the Queen also likely to attend. The event will allegedly include a custom made dummy-shaped cake baked by her brother, James.

"It will be a great day for everyone and Kate is doing this with the blessing of the Queen," a source allegedly told The Sun U.K.

Victoria Arbiter, who is the daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II's press secretary Dickie Arbiter, previously confirmed that baby showers were not a part of Royal tradition. Middleton is renowned for repeatedly breaking royal tradition, with a source attributing this to the Duchess' desire to be modern.

"It isn't royal tradition but Kate isn't a traditional Royal," a source explained.

"Prince Harry, Kate and William are the Royal Family's link to the younger generation," the source continued. "A baby shower wouldn't normally happen if you're in the Royal Family, but there is now a modern way of thinking."

Pippa, 29, is a prominent party planner in the U.K. who works specifically for the Middleton family business. She is said to be planning a relaxed and fun baby shower for Middleton, with guests set to be offered alcoholic beverages and gifted with goody bags.

"Pippa is in charge of decorations. Wine and beer will be available — not that Kate will be drinking alcohol, of course There will certainly be none of the hard stuff," a source previously told OK! Magazine.

Goody bags will reportedly include scented candles and lavish gifts from Jo Malone and The White Company.

"It was her sister Pippa's idea," an alleged friend said. The mom-to-be is hoping her husband Prince William's grandmother makes an appearance.

"While it's all going to be very relaxed and fun, Kate is hoping the queen will drop by because the two are remarkably close. They bonded big time and really enjoy each other's company. Since this is going to be a first for royals, Kate would love the queen to be part of it," the friend explained.