Kate Middleton Bangs See Mixed Reactions

Kate Middleton has debuted a new hairstyle that has people across the world talking.

The world-famous brunette, also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, changed her usual long locks to include bangs. The layers of shorter hair frame her face, while the rest of her 'do remains the same.

While appearing just slightly different, Middleton's new look has swept social media sites on Wednesday.

"It [Middeton's hair] looks amazing," wrote Twitter user Leah.

Anna added, "It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for her not to look absolutely stunning."

Meanwhile, other Twitter users speculated about the frenzy over Middleton's new look.

Twitter user Alyssa posted, "I'm not quite understanding the hoopla over the gorg. Kate Middleton's new 'bangs.' Um 1) they're long layers. 2) It's hair. 3) It's hair."

"Guys can we stop talking about Kate Middleton's bangs," asked Jill. "They're not even full-on bangs."

"With all the fuss over Kate Middleton's bangs, can you imagine what it'll be like when she gets pregnant," asked Salon.

Mark quipped, "Business in England goes on as normal despite Kate Middleton's new bangs."

The Duchess of Cambridge's new look was spotted at both the opening of the Treasures at the Natural History Museum in London on Tuesday and during her visit to the city of Cambridge on Wednesday.

Middleton, clad in a MaxMara Belli overcoat and brown suede Aquatalia boots, was visibly nervous dealing with the wind during her visit to Cambridge, reported the Daily Mail, and even admitted that she was uncertain of her new haircut.

"I told her I loved her new hair style," said Joanne Baldwin, an onlooker, speaking to the Mail. "She said, 'I'm not sure about it. It's a bit windy today.' I said, 'Don't worry, it looks lovely.'"

Her husband, Prince William, joined the Duchess during the appearance. The 30-year-olds were greeted by hundreds of well wishers who they posed with in pictures.

Wednesday marked the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first official royal visit to their namesake city.