Kate Middleton Didn't Want Prince William to 'Go Nuts' Over Photo Scandal

Much has been made of the precedent-setting lawsuit brought by Prince William and Duchess Kate against a French tabloid that published controversial photos of Middleton sunbathing in a private villa. However, it has now been reported that it was actually Prince William's idea to sue in the first place, which is not surprising given his icy relationship with the press.

"He grew up in the media glare with his mom, Diana, and is well aware that he has to do something to ensure the Duchess of Cambridge's security and right to privacy. William wants to go after 'Closer' and put an end to press invasion once and for all," a source told Radar Online.

It was 15 years ago that Diana was killed in a high-speed car crash in Paris, and many people, including Diana's own family, blamed the paparazzi for their participation in the accident.

"I always believed the press would kill her in the end," her brother, Earl Charles Spencer said in a statement. "Not even I could imagine that they would take such a direct hand in her death, as seems to be the case," he noted before adding that editors who paid for the "intrusive and exploitative photographs has blood on his hands today."

Now it seems that William is willing to go after the press for intruding on his wife's privacy, and the public stands behind the young couple. However, there was a difference of opinion about how to handle the situation, with Kate saying she "didn't want William to go nuts over the topless photos."

"She said she didn't mind turning a blind eye to them because they will soon be forgotten about," the source revealed.

William, though, "told Kate that enough was enough, especially after what happened recently with Harry, and that he had to protect his wife and any kids they have in the future."

The couple won an injunction against "Closer," which could possibly change the way the press deals with the royal family.