Kate Middleton Dress Racy, Classy, or Too Expensive? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton has been charged with wearing a racy designer dress while stepping out with Prince William at private function in Mayfair.

Kate Middleton has become a large fashion icon across the world after her wedding to Prince William debuted on television. Since, she has made fashion decisions that are typically conservative: re-popularizing nylons making them relatively affordable to many, sometimes donning dresses from national retailers like Kara.

However, on Monday night, the Duchess drew attention wearing a high-necked Roland Mouret gown while attending a private event at the Clardige Hotel. High designer name aside, what surprised many was that the long white gown had a rather high slit, remnant of Anglie Jolie's recent red carpet look.

"While it wasn't exactly an Angelina Jolie leg flash, Kate Middleton showed some royal thigh last night when she stepped out with Prince William in London," Yahoo News reported, adding that the gown showed a "daring amount of leg" and was "her raciest look since she came into the public eye."

Other however insisted that the dress was not racy at all but actually very classy and well done.

"That slit is not high- it's consistent with a short dress length for a woman her age and is tastefully done," RDavis327 wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

"She looks amazing here- really amazing, and so classy. The detractors just don't get it," Seaglass added.

The duchess paired that outfit with Jimmy Choo's high heels. With heels that cost over a $1,000 a pair, some questioned how well that might be received by others, who were struggling to make ends meet.

"She's a beautiful lady. With that said, with the condition of the economy in England, I don't think the English people will appreciate her costly Jimmy Choos," Usamade stated.

The couple attended the event in celebration of the Prince's upcoming 30th Birthday, according to a royal aide.