Kate Middleton Expecting Twins? Illness Could be Sign of Multiple Children

When the world learned that Duchess Kate Middleton was pregnant and ill, they also did research and learned that her acute morning sickness could be a sign of having multiple children.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, the clinical term for acute morning sickness, affects nearly one in 50 pregnancies and has been seen in a high number of multiple births, ABC News reported. The illness is much more serious than typical morning sickness and can lead to dehydration and malnutrition for both mother and child.

Doctors immediately put Middleton on an IV to help her recover vital nutrients and are monitoring her and the baby to ensure their safety, according to reports by the Daily Mail. Prince William has been by her side the entire time, only leaving at night to sleep before returning to the hospital. Middleton will be kept in the hospital until doctors are comfortable with her vitals.

Her mother is expected to visit her at the hospital today and will likely play a role in maintaining her daughter's health throughout the pregnancy. Middleton will likely be kept on bed rest for the next few weeks, until she is at least through her first trimester.

The royal couple had not planned to make the pregnancy public before Christmas, when their families would be together. However, Middleton fell ill over the weekend and, after consulting with the family doctor, went to the hospital for treatment. William was left with the responsibility of informing his father Prince Charles and grandmother Queen Elizabeth in a rather awkward fashion.

Since then, everyone in both the Windsor and Middleton families has expressed their happiness at the news as well as their concern for Kate. Paparazzi have been camped outside the hospital where Middleton is staying, hoping to catch the first official "post announcement" photo of the expectant mother.

So far, though, they have only managed to photograph the tired yet supportive father, William. He has not spoken to any members of the press but is entirely focused on his wife and child or children at this time.