Kate Middleton Given 'Baby on Board' Badge by London Tube Workers (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/BBC Screen Shot)Kate Middleton has been presented with a "Baby on Board" badge by London Underground workers.

Kate Middleton has been given a "Baby on Board" badge by London's subway workers on Wednesday. The workers gave the pregnant Duchess the badge explaining that should she ever need to take a subway train her badge would help allow other commuters know she is pregnant and give up a seat for her.

Of course Middleton, whose husband Prince William is currently second in line to the British throne, is highly unlikely to ever travel on London's underground system. However, she received the badge with a laugh and good humor, telling the workers that she would wear it at home.

Middleton was visiting Baker Street station in central London, which is a station famous for its connection with fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The Duchess was there to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of London's subway system, which is also known affectionately as the Tube.

The badge was given to Middleton by worker, Howard Collins, who later told reporters that the Duchess recognized the badge, having traveled many times on the Tube in the past prior to her marriage to Prince William.

The Duchess was also joined by Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip.

The royal family members were shown a newly restored 19th Century train carriage by transport representatives, and mingled with subway workers.

The Queen later unveiled a plaque, which officially named the restored train after her.

For Queen Elizabeth this was her first public engagement since she came out of hospital recently. She had been hospitalized on March 3 after suffering from the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Meanwhile, Middleton is now five months pregnant, and she recently explained that she wants a boy, but that Prince William wants a girl. They do not yet know, however, the sex of the baby.

Here is a video news report into the royal visit to Baker Street: