Kate Middleton Humiliated by Queen Elizabeth II Via Curtsy Protocol?

The future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, suffered what some gossip sites are calling a reality shock recently when she was ordered by the royal family to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie.

(PHOTO:Twitter/LDN Fashion)Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant 2012.

The bizarre request has led some tabloids to suggest that it was a jealous Queen Elizabeth who ordered the curtsy, which they've explained is because they are considered "blood princesses," where as Kate Middleton is "only" a princess by marriage.

The Hollywood Gossip site describes the request, which was made during last month's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Britain, as a "direct slap in the face from the bitter Queen."

That may be quite harsh, and the royal family is renowned for maintaining traditions and protocols, and this is likely to simply be another protocol Queen Elizabeth II was ensuring would be followed during such a high profile event where the world's media would be watching.

Queen Elizabeth is not known for yearning for the public spotlight and media attention, and if anything the older members of the royal family are well known for shying away from the media limelight where they can. That has brought them criticism in the past for being "disconnected" from the media and the general public.

However, this has not stopped gossip mags from suggesting Kate was "humiliated."

The Hollywood Gossip alleges that a source in Prince William and Kate Middleton's social circle told them, "It's a total humiliation for Kate. It's like a demotion for her, and the queen is the one who ordered this."

The protocol would mean that if Kate were to meet Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie alone she would have to curtsy. However, if she ran into them while she was with husband Prince William, no curtsy would be necessary.