Kate Middleton Impersonator Now 'Pregnant' to be More 'Authentic'

Kate Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan, 32, is pregnant, but it's only part of her new job. Agan became famous for her resemblance to the Duchess and quit her waitressing position to appear as Middleton whenever duty calls.

"To have done 12 years of something you know and then to leap into an industry that gives with one hand and takes with another is difficult, but I'm just really happy and feel blessed that I did," Agan told the BBC.

She now travels around the world to "perform" as Middleton, which required a great deal of study, and now that Middleton is pregnant, Agan had to alter her appearance yet again and invest in her own baby bumps.

"As Kate grows, I will too – to be authentic I thought was important. It's difficult at the moment as she's not big enough yet to change her entire wardrobe, so it's difficult to see how she's going to dress it," Agan explained. "I have to get the clothes, the mannerisms, the way she stands and interacts with William right. Things like that are all very important if I want to be the best."

Agan has become internationally known for her portrayal of the Duchess and made an appearance on "Good Morning America," which was a totally different experience for the former waitress.

"I went to Times Square with 'Good Morning America' and was ferried around with security. It's just something I never thought would happen to me, but has turned out to be the most wonderful thing ever. It's just been incredible, and I feel so blessed with it and without the support of my family, I just couldn't do it," she said.

Agan does have one advantage the Duchess doesn't though. She's already been through two pregnancies. Agan's two children are 11 and four, and she said she was grateful that her new job allows her to spend more time with them. Of course, it remains to be seen what Agan will do once the new, royal baby arrives in July.