Kate Middleton Lookalike Cashes in on Duchess' Fame

One is the Duchess of Cambridge, while the other is a former waitress. The one thing they share, though, is that people have trouble telling them apart. Now the former waitress is spending her time appearing as a Kate Middleton lookalike.

"People would come in and point at me and say, 'that's her,' Heidi Agan told Daily Mail. "I've had other people come up to me during jobs convinced I'm Kate. When my daughter sees [the Duchess] in a magazine, she points and says, 'There you are mummy.' She's turned into a right little royalist."

Agan was working at Frankie and Benny's as a waitress when, after receiving so much attention for her looks, she finally decided to use them to her advantage. She gave notice at the restaurant and has now embarked on a new career impersonating the Duchess.

She signed with the Susan Scott Lookalikes agency and has been preparing for her new role. Part of that preparation includes, of course, stocking up on the proper Middleton attire. Agan now owns her own version of the famous blue engagement dress, as well as several outfits featured during Middleton's overseas trip as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration.

"I felt really bad for Kate when the photos were published as she was on a private trip with her husband. If someone had done that to me, I would go to the police. She and William don't get any time out and they were just trying to be a normal couple. It's a terrible invasion of their privacy," Agan said.

For the mother of two, the new job is paying off quite nicely. She makes approximately $1,000 per appearance, which is a considerable bump in pay when compared to the $9 per hour she was making at the restaurant.

While Agan enjoys her work, and the various roles she gets to embody, there is one thing that she most certainly will not do.

"I haven't been asked to go topless on any of the jobs yet- and I certainly wouldn't do it because I'm a mum of two!" she said.