Kate Middleton Pregnant: Latest Pregnancy Rumors Fueled by US Tabloids

Kate Middleton is pregnant, or so claims a dozen tabloid magazines.

In Touch magazine is claiming that Kate Middleton is pregnant, and according to the latest report, she is in the early first trimester.

The couple already picked out names, as well: Edward, Philip, or Michael for a boy, and Alice or Rose for a girl.

A royal source said that Kate is six weeks along and that three nurseries are being prepared - one in Nottingham Cottage, where the royal couple has been staying; one in the home in Wales; and one at Kensington Palace in London.

This royal source also said that the pressure for the newlyweds to conceive a child has been immense ever since they married last April.

This pregnancy report is just the latest story in a series of speculation.

US magazine's latest issue reported: “With Prince William at her side, the Duchess of Cambridge, 29, avoided a certain food product as they sampled items from UNICEF aid packages being sent out to East African countries suffering from famine.”

“While William, 29, plus the Danish Crown Prince and Princess tasted peanut paste, Kate politely refused -- and reportedly gave her husband of six months a knowing look,” the US magazine report added.

The Palace itself even "went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever," said royal editor for Britain's The Sun to ABC News.

Pregnancy rumors for Prince William and new bride Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, have swirled in the media since the couple tied the knot.

With all the rumors, it was suggested people wait for the official confirmation from the Royal couple.

"We never confirm or deny these rumors. This is about the millionth [pregnancy] report we've had. If it were true, you'd hear the announcement from us and not a gossip magazine in the U.S.," said Miguel Head, an official palace spokesperson for Middleton, to the Daily News.