Kate Middleton Privacy Invasion: London Police Officer Paid $15,000, Arrested for Crimes

Reports are surfacing that Kate Middleton was the subject of privacy invasion after a former London police officer was found to have been selling the Duchess' secrets to tabloids.

The disgraced officer was identified as Paul Flattley, who was revealed on Thursday to be the Scotland Yard constable responsible for selling secrets of the Duchess of Cambridge to several publications in exchange for money.

Flattley, 30, is thought to have revealed information about Middleton and her family to The Sun newspaper and other. The information included details surrounding her engagement to Prince William as well as other social icons.

The royal invasion of privacy occurred over a three-year time period and resulted in close to 50 secrets being disclosed for a total of nearly $15,000.

A report in The Daily Telegraph states that Flattley began revealing secretes to various publications less than a year after joining the Metropolitan Police in early 2008.

Flattley was arrested in January 2012 and, after pleading guilty to charges of misconduct in a public office, was sentenced to two years in prison in March. His identity was only reveled today due to British law reporting restrictions.

Other secrets should be safe as Middleton is reportedly scaling back her public appearances in preparation for the birth of her first child.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, is due to give birth in July and subsequently her final pre-baby birth royal engagement has been confirmed for June 13, giving her one month to relax as her due date nears. Middleton is expected to move in to her parents' Berkshire estate shortly before she gives birth.

"Kate's family wants the baby to be born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital," a family friend told The Telegraph.

"Their thinking is that she will be based at her parents' house during the later stages of her pregnancy and they do not want her to have to travel miles to Paddington when she goes into labour," the source added.