Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Kate Middleton has 'Intelligent and Efficient' Handwriting According to Analyst

Kate Middleton has 'Intelligent and Efficient' Handwriting According to Analyst

A handwriting expert has claimed that Kate Middleton’s penmanship indicates a natural aptitude for academia, and that instead of becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, she should have been a school teacher.

Former chairperson of the British Institute of Graphologists, Elaine Quigley claims that the characters in Kate’s cursive script signify the Duchess’s punctuality, openness, patience, and knack for explaining things well. The Daily Mail reports that Kate may have missed her calling to become a teacher based on the qualities revealed by her handwriting.

A hand-written letter by Kate before she became a member of the royal family was observed by Quigley, who said, “The flow of Kate’s script with rightward slant and joined letters shows a writer who reaches out toward others”. The letter, written a year ago, reveals Kate’s promptness and efficiency, according to Quigley.

During The Duke and Duchess’s recent tour of North America, Kate won even more attention and praise from the public. Quigley said this comes as no surprise, as her handwriting analysis also denotes an innate ability to interact with people from many different backgrounds with great ease.

“Looking at the writing itself, with the close line-spacing, it would seem that once she has embarked upon a social activity, she gives it her full commitment,” Quigley reported, according to The Daily Mail. “She has a sense of justice and also of responsibility to those who need her support and she really does enjoy meeting people.”

Kate Middleton has been under media scrutiny for her style choices, weight, and public manners. As a member of the royal family, Kate’s life will continue to be in the public eye. Quigley says of Kate’s duty, “I have no doubt that public office will be taken seriously and never seen as a chore. She recognizes that privilege brings with it responsibility and she will be conscious of always carrying herself with dignity, pleasant receptivity, and warmth”.

The royal couple is said to be settling into their new home in Kensington, London.


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