Kate Middleton Topless Photos Spark Worldwide Outrage

'Leave Kate Alone,' Say Critics and Fans Alike

In addition to the anger of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge's legions of fans have also expressed outrage after news that a French magazine published photos of Catherine while topless.

Also known as Kate Middleton, the Duchess was photographed while on vacation with her husband, Prince William.

The royal couple is "furious" and feels that "a red line has been crossed," according to a statement from their representative.

Moreover, fans of royals from around the world have flooded Twitter with messages of rage directed at Closer magazine as well as sympathy for Kate.

"I'm on a rant and very angry having seen at first hand the emotional price paid for press intrusion. My last work on this: leave Kate alone," Twitter user Rosa posted.

"Have to say this but I still blame the paps for killing Diana!! Please leave kate alone!! Private time is private time," wrote Phill.

Evgeny wrote: "Utter disgrace that a mid-market French rag has invaded Kate #Middleton's privacy like this. Gutter press morality."

"Not a royalist," wrote David. "But for grief's sake give Kate Middleton some privacy. No person should have to face such photos being published."

Some fans are making light of the topless photo scandal, such as Katie, who wrote, "Here is the exclusive pic of Kate Middleton with her top off," and included an image of the Duchess riding in a convertible vehicle with the top down.

Meanwhile, the British royals put on a brave face despite having learned about the photos over breakfast today in Kuala Lumpur. Despite their anger, Kate donned a white dress and a matching headscarf along her tour of South Asia.

The Duchess' bravery earned her even more praise from fans on Twitter Friday.

"Say what you want about Kate, but her composure toady is admirable… Just one of many storms she'll weather in her royal life," wrote user KateDebate.

"I must say both Prince William and Kate Middleton deserve the world's respect," Emmely wrote.